Mackenzie Moss

Mackenzie Moss
Class of 2023
Major: Biology, Pre-Med
Minor: Exercise Science

Mackenzie Moss ’23, takes pride in being the first in her family to graduate with a four-year degree. She is hardworking, resilient, proactive, and resourceful – all characteristics that have contributed to her success as a Biology and Pre-Med major.

The day she found out she was admitted to Walsh University was a day filled with enormous joy and relief that she had found a school where she felt comfortable. She also felt gratitude for her parents who nurtured her passion for helping and healing others and for her high school Biology teacher, Coen Cobb ‘16, a Walsh alumnus, who encouraged her to visit the campus. Her life-long goal of becoming a pediatrician and owning her own medical practice was now in reach.

“From the people to the buildings, everything about Walsh sparkled,” Mackenzie said. “I felt a family atmosphere. I felt the spirit of Christ, and I was certain that my choice to attend Walsh would lead me closer to the goals I have for my life.”

What appealed most to her about Walsh was the University’s core values of faith, excellence, integrity, service and community.

“These values serve as a model for how I try to live my life,” she said. “I believe it is fair to say that not all people of color have the best experiences at predominately white institutions, but I can attest that as a black woman at Walsh, I have been able to be my authentic self.”

According to Mackenzie, there were times early in her academic career when she felt pressured to succeed, feelings she attributes to being a first-generation student and the only person of color in her Pre-Med classes. 

“I felt like I needed to go above and beyond in the classroom to prove that I belonged there. It was stressful,” she said. “I often felt burned out and exhausted keeping up with the ins and outs of my education. I didn’t experience college the same way others did. I spent a lot of time ensuring my registration, room assignments and financial aid were in order.”

What made a difference for Mackenzie, was reaching out to her professors, advisors and others who approached her situation with a humble heart and were open to talking about what it is like to be an African American in society today. With their overwhelming support and affirmation, they helped her see that she could succeed and that she does belong at Walsh. 

“I came to realize that striving for excellence doesn’t mean accomplishing things on my own. Walsh showed me that I can lean on God and the people in my life who want the best for me,” she said. “With that weight lifted, I have learned more and more about the world of science, and I feel supported in my decision to pursue a career in medicine.”

Mackenzie recently took an interest in Exercise Science and added it as a minor. She was able to shadow an athletic trainer while she coached the freshmen girls' basketball team at her alma mater, St. Vincent-St. Mary in Akron.

“The experience was humbling and exciting,” she said. “It sparked a newfound interest in learning about how the human body functions.” 

In addition to her studies, Mackenzie is living in service to others through opportunities at the YWCA, YMCA, the North Canton Church of Christ as well as campus events and serving the residential students on campus.

Mackenzie serves as Vice President of the Black Student Union, she is a member of Sigma Zeta Math and Honor Society, the Science Club, and Pre-Health Care Club, and she is a Walsh University Thea Bowman Scholar.

“Every day that I’m here, I am putting one foot in front of the other, and I am succeeding … I am thriving,” she said. “I don’t have to wait until graduation day to feel proud because I’m proud of my contributions big and small and how far I’ve come already.”


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