Meghan Brickner

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Class of 2019

One of my greatest passions in life is helping kids succeed. That is why I want to be a teacher. Coming to Walsh I knew I would have many opportunities to grow within the Education department, but I did not know everything that my future would hold. One of the greatest surprises to me is my involvement with Cavathon, Walsh University’s Dance Marathon. My freshman year one of my upperclassmen friends invited me to join and I loved it. We raise money for the kids at Akron Children’s Hospital, and we get to meet some of the miracle children who have received care there. Hearing their stories inspires me, but nothing inspires me more than seeing them run, laugh and smile. Each kid may be a bit different from others, but their exceptionalities make them who they are. They are why I dance, and they are why I want to become a teacher.

My sophomore year I joined the Education Department for a semester in Rome. My abroad experience truly was life changing. Not only did I get to live on a vineyard and travel around to some of the most amazing sites, but I got to observe and teach in classrooms in schools throughout Italy and in Athens, Greece and learn from them. Being in classrooms abroad has really helped me empathize with my students in my classroom. The language barrier was difficult to overcome, but from pointing and gestures, I was able to teach my lessons on American cultures and holidays. In my future classroom, I will have a better idea of how to help students who do not understand English because I was once the outsider and I have a better understanding of how to help make them more comfortable.

At the end of my sophomore year, I applied for the Christ the Servant Teaching Corps, an internship program with Our Lady of Peace School in Canton, designed to give student teachers more in-class, hands-on experience, particularly with students from under-served communities. Because of this internship, I have been in classrooms for the past two years, learning from the teachers and preparing for my future career. I have gained valuable experience, learning different classroom techniques and how to modify my lesson plans. This has helped me greatly in my student teaching as I have been able to collaborate well with my teacher and help my students succeed. Student teaching has made my schedule quite busy, and my professors have been extremely helpful and understanding. They modify assignments and class to fit our schedules and helping us when we have questions.

I have loved all of my opportunities to get into the classroom and learn from teachers in the field. The Education community at Walsh has been incredibly supportive, especially Betty Marko, Professional Associate Professor and Intervention Specialist, who has acted as a great mentor to me along the way. I presented education research at the Ohio Association for the Education of Young Children Conference in 2018, which was a unique experience I would not have had elsewhere. I also have been involved with the Education Club on campus, serving as President my senior year, and then as a member of the Council for Exceptional Children.

The entire Walsh community has been supportive during my time here. One of the reasons I love Walsh so much is because of its strong family atmosphere. I am comfortable going up to people and talking to them and smiling to those I don’t know as I walk past them on my way to class. Everyone, from admissions to advisors, professors, friends and more, are all here to support. The difference at Walsh is that our strong community is built on a foundation of faith. Because we share this common foundation, our relationships are stronger. I know that I am going forth, not only as a confident and equipped teacher but also as a more well-rounded person.