Nathaniel Chwalik

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Class of 2021

I first heard about Walsh when my older brother was looking at colleges. As it was a small school, I questioned why it was at the top of his list and how it would change him, challenge him, and what he would learn at Walsh. When I started looking at colleges I noticed how Walsh had molded him even more into a man that I look up to and I knew that coming to Walsh would do the same for me as well.

I came to Walsh planning to major in Computer Programming, but as I continued to learn and grow, I realized that my passions lied in Graphic Design and Marketing. From a young age I have always loved to draw. As I grew at Walsh, I realized that I could continue this passion through my major, it did not have to stop at just a hobby. At Walsh, the small class sizes have created many opportunities for professional conversations with my professors about the field, allowing me to really gain more insight about what life will be like after college. I have learned about a variety of fields, which helped me to realize it was okay to change my major to fit my passions.

I have also gotten to continue another of my passions from when I was younger, soccer, which has always been a huge part of my life. Being a student-athlete has had an immense impact on my Walsh experience. Walsh has supported me with awesome coaches who understand the complex schedule of a student-athlete. Walsh has amazing facilities for maintaining physical and mental health, which is important as a student-athlete. Being able to play on the men’s soccer team has shown that I can have multiple passions. While I love soccer, I also love being a student and I have learned here that I can combine my passions and give my best to both.

At Walsh I have never felt limited in what I can do and how I can be involved. I am a member of the Blouin Global Scholars program, and my cohort is studying Education, Equity, and Opportunity. I figured that since I was going to be studying Education, which I wasn’t exposed to as much in my Graphic Design and Marketing classes, Education Club would be an awesome opportunity to learn more. After my first year in the club, having fun with the different activities and events we put on, I decided to get more involved as the club Treasurer. Even though I am not an Education major or going to become a professional teacher, every day we teach other people throughout our experiences in the world. I can already see how it is going to positively impact my future workplace and peers.

In my time here, I have noticed that Walsh is molding me into the man I want to be, just like it did for my brother. As I have gotten involved in many different groups on campus, such as the University Programming Board, Student Alumni Association, Campus Ministry, and more, I have seen changes in who I am as a person. I have grown immensely in my faith through the different events and opportunities in Campus Ministry. Walsh has also shaped me professionally as I know I will be heading into a career that I am passionate about with the tools necessary to succeed. And lastly, the lifelong friendships I have made at Walsh have really made me feel supported in continuing my passions, wherever they may lie.