The mission of the Herb Society at the Hoover Historical Center is to provide education, experience and enjoyment for the active herb gardener and for the visitors to the Hoover Historical Center at Walsh University. It is also our mission to maintain the beauty of the gardens at the Hoover Historical Center. 


The Herb Society at the Hoover Historical Center, a nonprofit organization, was established in 1984, to maintain the gardens, which complement the grounds of the Hoover Historical Center, original Hoover family farmland. The herb gardens at the Hoover Historical Center were originally established in 1983 as part of The Hoover Company's 75th anniversary festivities. 

In 1997, the Hoover Historical Center was moved inside Hoover Park, 400 yards west of its original location. In the spring of 1998, members of The Herb Society at the Hoover Historical Center designed the new gardens, a beautiful complement to the grounds of the Hoover family homestead. These gardens include:

  • Bettie Garden
  • Butterfly Garden
  • Children's Garden
  • Circle and Fountain Garden
  • Culinary Garden
  • Shade/Monarch Habitat
  • Faerie Garden
  • Fragrance Garden
  • Rose Garden
  • Medicinal Herbs
  • Remembrance Garden


Beyond monthly membership meetings and trainings, the members of the Herb Society hold breakfasts in the gardens several times a season. Following breakfast, members will work in the gardens together. 

Members also work together on several fundraisers throughout the year.  Some examples of past fundraisers include plant sales at the Hoover Historical Center and the annual Hoover Park Festival as well as a succulent sale for the students and staff at Walsh University. 

The Herb Society also coordinates two summer storytelling events in the gardens for young children and their caretakers. In the late fall, members often gather to create a holiday centerpieces for their homes and will enjoy an end-of-the-year celebratory meal together. 

For information, please contact Megan Pellegrino, Executive Director, Hoover Historical Center at hoover@walsh.edu or 330.244.4667.