Photo of Occupational Therapy StudentWalsh University's School of Behavioral and Health Sciences strives to be a leader among faith-based institutions in providing excellence in health science educational programs to prepare and promote collaborative inter-professional education that inspires and prepares the graduates to pursue and create innovative health care opportunities to serve others.

Graduate Programs

The School of Behavioral and Health Sciences also offers a number of undergraduate majors and minors. More information is available here

School of Behavioral and Health Sciences Mission

The mission of the School of Behavioral and Health Sciences is to provide high quality innovative educational programs which foster academic excellence rooted in scholarship and evidence based practices. Academic excellence embodies critical thinking, effective communication, creativity, life-long learning and an orientation to interdisciplinary and global learning. We challenge students in the academic programs to examine their personal values and respect the uniqueness, human dignity and cultural backgrounds of all people. Our students become leaders in service who demonstrate ethical and professional behaviors and advocate for the rights, health and welfare of all human beings. We encourage individuals to act in accordance with and guided by the example and teachings of Jesus Christ.


Through our academic programs, the School of Behavioral and Health Sciences engages faculty and students in research and in efforts to improve the quality of human and community life. We aspire to promote innovation, interdisciplinary collaboration, global and domestic service and advocacy for the underserved.

Goals for Faculty and Students

  • Promote ethical and professional behaviors.
  • Foster excellence in research practices.
  • Demonstrate competence in the use of appropriate evidence based practices.
  • Engage in continuous development of knowledge and competencies related to chosen careers and practices.
  • Participate in advocacy efforts to promote respect for and advocate for the rights and wellbeing of all human beings.
  • Encourage interdisciplinary collaboration.