The Walsh career fair is a great place for students to meet employersPreparation

  • Obtain a list of employers and plan your strategy for companies you want to speak with.

  • Remember: The "bigger name" companies have the longest lines. Research companies you plan to visit, and prepare several questions to ask each recruiter based on your research.

  • A perfect resume is a must! Stop by the Career Center or set up an appointment to have your resume reviewed.

  • Learn to sell yourself - and fast! Prepare your 30 second commercial. Spark the recruiter's interest in you for a future, more formal interview.


  • Be polite at all times. The person you meet in the parking lot, elevator, hallway, or restroom may be a recruiter you'll see later that day.

  • Recruiters see candidates as possible future representatives of their organizations. You must display confidence, enthusiasm, and the ability to think and speak on your feet, and under pressure.

  • Get the recruiter's business card, and discuss how and when you should follow-up with the recruiter. Follow-up offers another opportunity to outline what you know about the company, your qualifications, and why you're a "good fit". Don't forget to add them on LinkedIn after the event!


  • You won't receive a job offer at the job fair, if you do, you're truly one in a million. This does not mean that companies are not hiring. Remember: You're trying to land an interview.

  • Statistics from job fairs indicate that many candidates receive interviews from job fairs, and a good percentage of those eventually receive offers. This process can take three to four months (or longer). Again, the larger the company, the longer this may take.