Career Connections is a cross-campus initiative which means our 'team' is represented through each school and division, as well as in athletics! Students are always encouraged to engage and work with their academic and faculty advisors to ensure that their course sequence is set to keep them on track for graduation.

Stephanie Koontz ’08
Assistant VP of Alumni & Career Connections

Annette Bernard ’98
Director of Alumni & Career Connections

Lisa Hallaman
Career Connections Manager

Kaitlyn Cozy
Athletic Academic Support Specialist

Vanessa Freiman
Director of First Year Student Success and Academic Advising

Gary Jacobs
Chair of the Division of Education

Jo Anna Kelly
Program Director, School of Behavioral and Health Sciences

Christine McCallum
Chair of Physical Therapy

Jacqueline Novak
Interim Dean, School of Arts, Sciences, and Education

Lisa Sanchez
Administrative Assistant, Byers School of Nursing

Chase Senk
Internship Coordinator, DeVille School of Business

Neil Walsh
Interim Chair of Mathematics and Sciences

Steve Weigand ’10
Alumni Association Board, President

Monica Engelhardt ’13
Alumni Association Board, Vice President