Housing Assignments

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How are Incoming Students Assigned to Housing?

All incoming students are assigned a housing placement based on the date their $200 housing deposit was submitted. The earlier a student deposits for housing, the more likely he/she will receive their desired housing preferences.

Why do I Have to Submit a $200 Housing Deposit?

All incoming residential students applying to Walsh University will submit two deposits:

  • $125 Tuition Deposit
  • $200 Housing Deposit

The $200 refundable housing deposit serves as a reservation for housing and food services. The housing deposit is kept on file for the duration of semesters the student resides in the residence halls.

*Incoming students that cancel housing after May 1st will not be refunded their $200 housing deposit.

How are Roommates Assigned?

All students living in double and triple rooms will be assigned roommate(s), so it is essential that you complete the "Personal Lifestyle Preferences" section of your housing application completely and accurately.

The Office of Residence Life cannot guarantee your roommate or suitemate selection. In order for roommate requests to be considered, the request must be mutual between both roommates. All roommate requests must be received no later than July 1st.

Students can request a roommate by choosing one of the following options:

  • Completing the "Roommate Request" section of the Housing Application
  • Submitting a "Roommate Request Card" during summer orientation, or
  • Emailing us your full name and the full name of your roommate at

When Will I Receive My Housing Assignment Information?

Housing assignment information will be mailed to incoming students after July 23rd. Our Residence Life staff works diligently to review all of the housing application materials submitted to our office to determine the best possible roommate matches. This is not an exact science, but we do make our very best effort to match students based upon their lifestyle preferences and expectations.

When you receive your housing assignment letter, it will include the name and contact information for your roommate(s). We encourage you to contact your roommate right away!

For information about Room Assignments, please contact the Assistant Director of Residence Life at 330-490-7107.

What Types of Housing Accommodations are Available for Freshman Students?

Incoming freshman students are assigned to our traditional residence hall facilities - Alexis and Menard Halls. Alexis and Menard rooms are designed to accommodate up to three students. In some cases, freshman students may be assigned to other residence hall areas.

Alexis & Menard Hall - Two-Person Accommodation
Students assigned to these placements will be charged the standard housing rate for Alexis/Menard.

Alexis & Menard Hall - Three-Person Accommodation
Students assigned to these placements will be charged the standard housing rate for Alexis/Menard and receive a rebate based upon the number of days assigned to the placement.

The number of three-person accommodations differs each year and is based on our projected incoming residential student population and the attrition of our current residential student population. If you submit your housing deposit prior to February 1st it is less likely that you will be assigned to a three-person accommodation.

For more information on Three-Person Accommodations, please click here.

Other Freshman Accommodations

Some first-year students may be assigned to upperclassman housing (based upon room availability in Alexis & Menard Halls). Students assigned to these rooms will be charged the housing rate for that residence hall accommodation.

What Types of Housing Accommodations are Available for Transfer Students?

Transfer students that are of sophomore, junior, or senior status are placed according to their building preferences on the housing application and available rooms in the residence halls. Residence Life makes every effort to place incoming transfer students according to their requests made on the housing application.