Alexis & Menard Hall - Three-Person Accommodation

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Why does Walsh have Three-Person Accommodations?

Like many colleges and universities, our goal is to provide an opportunity for every student to experience campus life as a member of the residence hall community. In order to ensure an adequate number of bed spaces for all incoming residential students, the University will assign a necessary portion of first-year students to three-person accommodations based upon the date their housing deposit was received by the Residence Life office.

When is a Student Removed from Their Three-Person Accommodation?

Students are provided the opportunity to be removed from a three-person accommodation as other spaces become available in the residence halls. Students will be prioritized based on the date of their housing deposit.

What are the differences between a Two-Person and Three-Person Accommodation?

A two-person and three-person accommodation has the same physical dimensions. A three-person accommodation has three beds, desks, and dressers that are set in the room to maximize available space. The room design consists of one set of beds bunked with an additional bed lofted. The desks and dressers are then spaced in the rooms to ensure a comfortable living environment for each student.

Students placed in three-person accommodations are provided with a rebate up to $500, which is pro-rated based on the number of weeks the student is assigned to the room. Rebates are credited to the student's university account after December 15th. If the student does not have an outstanding balance on their account, the rebate is mailed as a check.

The experience is the same! Students in three-person accommodations are offered the same experience as those in two-person accommodations. The Residence Life Staff is dedicated to ensuring all students are provided the same opportunity to succeed and grow.