Matt Bobby

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Class of 2018

Photo of Matt BobbyMy story is a great example of how the college experience can really impact your plans for the future. I came to Walsh University as a Biology major with plans to go on to dentistry school. I was so obsessed with finding a really good career and choosing the perfect major, but I didn’t really think much about what would fulfill me.

When I came to Walsh and started developing my faith life, I started to think, what is better than studying the Truth, the ultimate? I became involved with music ministry, playing in the chapel band at Mass, and found myself yearning for a deeper connection with my faith. Being exposed to people like Miguel Chavez, then the Director of Campus Ministry, and PJ Chavez, the Director of Liturgical Services at the Chapel, I was able to learn more about my faith and discern an important decision. About midway through my college career, I decided to change my major from Biology to Theology. Since then, I also added on a second major in Philosophy.

Although the coursework and classroom experiences couldn’t be more different between Biology and Theology, I found I really excel in Theology program. I love the teaching style. I like going to a smaller, Catholic school. There is a difference between lecture halls and discussion groups that helps me learn. The professors really want to get to know you as a person and not just a member of their class.

I’ve also been able to take my faith beyond the classroom and bring to different groups I’m involved with on campus. I’ve participated in everything from science clubs and intramural soccer to student government and philosophy societies. I was also voted Mr. Walsh my sophomore year and Homecoming King my senior year. As a Peacemaker, I work with Residence Life and Campus Ministry to aid freshmen in their transition to college life. This peer ministry has helped me to build lasting friendships on campus, to spread the Gospel and create a sense of community in the freshmen buildings.

Matt Bobby in ItalyI’m also blessed to have had opportunities to study abroad in both Uganda and Italy as a part of the Blouin Global Scholars Program. Through the program I also traveled to Amsterdam and was able to learn more with my cohort at the International Crimes Court and The Hague. I had an internship in Rome studying about refugees, reconciliation and genocide. It really was an amazing experience. It changed my view of the world and showed me how to put my Theology degree into practice after graduation.

In addition to these global learning experiences, I have also been blessed to go to New Zealand with Fr. Nathan, a visiting priest at Walsh who has been involved in Campus Ministry. His witness at Walsh inspired me to go on this spiritual discernment pilgrimage. I have also been to Latvia with my family to aid in the adoption of a foster child, my little brother. My experiences abroad with Walsh helped to motivate me to travel and know that the world is quite small after all.

That time is quickly approaching, and now I have to think about my next steps. I am still discerning what God has planned for me, and where that will lead me I do not yet know. I feel so blessed that Walsh has given me opportunities to grow in my faith and discover what God has in store for me.