Megan Smith

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Class of 2019

When I was in third grade, I wrote my first poems and songs. As a young girl, my dream was to be a musician, play my guitar, sing my songs, and live the pop-star life. My sophomore year of high school, however, I took an AP English course, not really having the confidence in myself to do well in it. We had a creative writing assignment that I excelled in, and I began to fall in love with language. The way that words can be pieced together to create something different every time and tell so many different stories is inspiring to me.

As a Professional Writing and Communications major, I really like how small the class sizes are. They provide individual attention and take time to critique my writing, which has helped me grow as a writer and prepare for a future career. The professors that I had my freshman year still remember my name and will stop to ask me how my poetry or book is doing. It is such a personal experience that I don’t know if I would be able to get anywhere else.

One of the reasons I came to Walsh was because they had a Marching Band with a twirling line that I could join. Marching Band has given me a way to attach myself back home. When I was in eighth grade, my sister was in the Marching Band and I was able to march with her throughout the season. It was something I loved and I could continue that in such a way that it would not be as strenuous as it was in high school or competition. Because of the Walsh Band I feel at home.

I have always been a little more arts focused than others. Not only did I join the band, but also the Dance Team at Walsh. The co-captain of the Dance Team was actually the head majorette of my high school line my senior year and she encouraged me to try out. It has been really cool to get to know the ladies on the dance team, and grow with them each year. I am excited to be the co-captain my senior year as Dance Team allows me to hang around with people who share the same passions as I do, while still being able to balance it with my studies and other activities.

Walsh University also has helped to shape me by my faith. Growing up I went to Church, and I had friends there, but we weren’t really close. When I came to Walsh, I found a strong connection to my faith and grew closer to God because of the people I met. As I met people here and discovered how close they were to God, I found it inspiring to be able to share something so powerful as faith with someone else.

Walsh has opened me to so many different opportunities. Besides the Band and Dance Team, I am on the board of Dance Marathon, a Resident Assistant, and a part of the Honors Program. These different opportunities have helped me to develop my passions, grow in confidence in what I do and explore subjects that I did not know I was interested in. I was also able to get an internship at Diebold through a connection of one of my professors which helped me to gain insight on what I can do in the future as a professional writer. I know that Walsh has helped to shape me in so many ways and the people I have met here will truly be with me for the rest of my life.