Most universities prepare you to change the world after graduation. At Walsh University, we say Why Wait?

The Blouin Scholars Program at Walsh University provides students with a unique opportunity to become part of a community of students and faculty dedicated to using scholarship and service to address local and global challenges. This four-year program is designed to foster change-makers in the community and develop leaders in service to others. It is a learning community of residential and commuter students who have a passion for making the world a better place. Blouin Scholars take classes with a cohort of similarly dedicated students. All classes are built into the Walsh University core curriculum—you still choose your own majors and minors—and center on common themes of social justice within our local and global communities. Throughout this experience, students are supported by a team of faculty dedicated to the learning community. Students will also be supported with opportunities such as global learning, study away, special lectures, co-curricular activities, priority registration and advising procedures, and special designation at commencement.

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