Walsh University’s Career Readiness and Development Center supports students’ lifelong career success through experiential learning and innovative connections on campus and in the community, embedding career competencies into the academic experience, and fostering critical thinking, effective communication, and professional development.


As part of the Office of Experiential Learning, the Career Readiness and Development Center seeks to help students and alumni translate their academic and co-curricular experiences to employment or graduate programs. The Career Center serves as a hub for students, faculty, employers, and community partners to connect and build relationships that cultivate opportunities for internships and employment. The Career Center strives to prepare students for lifelong careers by helping students articulate their experiences in a meaningful way and empower students to build professional networks.

Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will build an understanding of career paths in chosen field or profession through self-exploration.
  2. Students will articulate skills gained through their academic and co-curricular experiences.
  3. Students will demonstrate a knowledge of methods for navigating and identifying internship and employment opportunities.
  4. Students will understand how to successfully navigate the application process for and choose an appropriate graduate degree program.

Support for Career Achievement

  • Intern From Home - While this is a challenging time for students, it is also an exciting moment to discover the future of remote work. New, forward-thinking companies who are creating virtual internships for qualified college students daily. It is important to us that students feel that they are doing important work that they are passionate about.
  • Career Exploration & Job Search Coaching - Not sure what you want to be when you grow up? No problem! The Career Center helps students recognize how they can design a career which matches their passions and strengths. We educate students in job search strategies and in exploration of career options in your field.
  • Connections and Networks - The Career Center can help connect you with alumni or employers in your field. We empower students to network confidently, make the most of informational interviews, and make the connections that will build their professional network they need.
  • Resume Writing & Coaching - Have a resume that needs polishing? Have no resume at all, but need one soon? We’re here to help. Choose between a peer student reviewer or a staff reviewer.
  • Practice Interviews - Students can practice their interviewing skills with real employers or by using our new practice-interview video platform Big Interview. Students may also request to have practice interviews with staff or with alumni in a related field.
  • On-Campus Interviews - The Career Center can coordinate and schedule on-campus interviews during the fall and spring semesters with potential employers.
  • Graduate School Preparation - Find a program and prepare a competitive admissions application.
  • OhioMeansJobs.com - Are you new to OhioMeansJobs? When you register an account with OMJ, you'll be able to create an employment plan, save jobs, build a resume, and more. Sign up today!
  • Peace Corps Prep - Are you interested in joining the Peace Corps or other international development fieldwork after graduation? This program provides a framework for students to be engaged in a global, service-based curriculum throughout their time at Walsh.