The Walsh University Spectator is a newspaper produced and managed entirely by students. It is published during the academic year under the auspices of the Communication Department.

As an organization, the Spectator accepts the responsible traditions of the democratic press to inform, entertain, investigate, interpret and evaluate. The Spectator recognizes its responsibility to provide a forum for diverse opinions, to serve the interests and needs of the Walsh University student body and to provide news and commentary that is accurate, fair and objective.

The Spectator accepts full responsibility for the editorial content of its pages. Opinions expressed herein are not necessarily those of the student body, the faculty, the University, the Spectator Staff or the Communication Department. Staff editorials reflect the view of a majority of the editorial board. By-lined pieces and letters to the editor reflect only the opinions of the writers.

The Spectator welcomes all typed, double-spaced letters to the editor that do not exceed 300 words. Letters must be received in the Spectator mailbox at the switchboard in Farrell Hall at least one week prior to an issue's publication date. The Spectator reserves the right to hold or edit any submission received.